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This disease is characterized by the following manifestations. Depressed emotional state. Inability to buy ibuprofen online joy (only special situations cause a feeling of happiness, ordinary life causes melancholy). Increased anxiety. Closure. Increased excitability. Fears (fear of fatal diseases, accidents, failures, poverty). Tearfulness.

These are common signs of this mental disorder. However, dysthymia is a disease that is divided into several types. There is primary and secondary dysthymia. The first type arises on its own. The second appears in connection with other mental disorders. The cause of dysthymia can be diseases of any organs and systems, as well as stressful situations. According to the signs that appear against the background of the disease, dysthymia is divided into somatized and characterological. These types of pathology are discussed in detail in the following sections of the article.

This type of disease is characterized by the fact that a person constantly notices signs of pathologies of various organs. For example, he may complain of pain in the heart, stomach and intestines. There may be an acceleration of heart rate, constipation, respiratory disorders, sensitive and restless sleep. A person begins to fear for his health. There may be fears about the appearance of serious diseases. Many patients diagnosed with "somatized dysthymia" experience fear of oncological pathologies, the development of heart attacks, strokes, and so on. They constantly listen to their body, worry and despair about their own health. This type of pathology resembles hypochondria. Characteristic dysthymia.

Sometimes the causes that trigger the mechanism of the disease appear in childhood. Of ibuprofen importance is the psychological climate in the family where the child is brought up. If the relationship betweenparents are hostile, they constantly quarrel - this can provoke the development of a mental disorder in children. When the joyful mood of a son or daughter is condemned, they are forced to hide it. As a result, the child becomes lethargic, unlearning to enjoy the things that made him happy before. What disorders are typical for dysthymia in childhood? How to recognize the disease? First of all, a wake-up call for parents should be that the child constantly looks sad.

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In order to prescribe adequate therapy, the doctor must accurately determine what disease is present in the patient. The difficulty in diagnosing dysthymia lies in the fact that its signs are similar to those of other mental disorders, and patients are often uncritical about their condition. They often refuse to buy motrin online medical help, believing that the unpleasant symptoms will soon pass. For those who still decide to consult a doctor about their condition, a psychiatrist conducts a special diagnosis. It is based on the following criteria.

Diagnosis of dysthymia and treatment of pathology.
This form of mental disorder is characterized by the constant presence of a pessimistic mood. Patients do not get motrin from everyday events, they yearn all the time.
Questioning the patient and talking with him. Identification of the totality of signs of dysthymia present in the patient. The presence of characteristic pathological phenomena for two or more years. Signs of dysthymia in the absence of symptoms of other mental disorders.
In order to identify this disease, doctors also conduct testing. When making a diagnosis, the psychiatrist pays attention to such manifestations as.
Increased or lack of appetite. Sleep disorders. Lack of receiving positive emotions from things that used to make a person happy. Feeling of hopelessness. Inadequately low assessment of one's personality. Consistent presence of symptoms for two years with little or no improvement. Attacks of anger (usually in people of adolescence).
The presence of most of the above signs gives grounds for the diagnosis of "dysthymia". Treatment of the disease, as a rule, does not involve placing the patient in a hospital. The exception is situations when the symptoms of motrin pills prevent a person from living a normal life.

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To combat the symptoms of pathology, doctors recommend drug therapy. As a rule, the patient is prescribed antidepressants that increase the production of serotonin. Most drugs that are used today do not cause serious side effects. In order to achieve tangible results, medications must be taken for about six months. To combat increased excitability and insomnia, sedatives are recommended. An important role in the treatment of dysthymia is played by a visit to a psychotherapist. These can be individual, group or family sessions. Psychotherapeutic techniques allow the patient to better adapt to society, solve problems in relationships with others, and cope with stress.

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